Collaboration. Evidence. Efficiency.
Agile operations for
water utilities
Improve your productivity
Managing your team's daily plan is critical!
But it doesn't have to be complicated!
Mobility, geotagging and maps
Map locations on your team's daily routine.
Who. How. When. Where.
Resource management
Time and cost control.
Take good decisions
At the end of a working day
get information instead of data.
Be Efficient
The processes are complex.
Solutions must be simple.
The only operational management solution for water utilities
NAVIA simplifies the management of your daily activity.
Easy to deploy, easy to use, immediate results.
Water safety plans
More than an obligation,
risk management in the daily activity of your team!
Functional and easy mobility
Reliable and accurate information.
Network and infrastructure management
With all the team online and using a single system, the management of service orders is effective and complete.
Control plans and indicators
For the regulator and for the management. Processed in real time, they become a tool for decision support.
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